Size, Unit, Time Converter and Packing Lists

28 June 2016 (01:17:49)

Have you ever tried to choose clothes for family or yourself in a foreign country?

Or learn the time in your native city when you are miles away on another continent? Especially, when you’ve agreed an international phone call, your partner suggests their time and you have no idea what time it will be at your place?

Is it difficult for you to buy goods that have their volume, weight or size in unfamiliar units? Or to choose comfortable clothes when a thermometer shows strange readings?

Our application will help you solve these problems. Using it you can:

  • Buy clothes of the right size;
  • Agree a time of call or meeting that is comfortable for you;
  • Save money buying the right volume, weight or size;
  • Choose comfortable clothes when travelling abroad;
  • Not to forget anything when leaving.

Our application has the following sections:

Size Converter

Here you can convert sizes of any countries. You want to buy some shoes for your loved one in Italy? No problem! You just have to know her footwear size in your native country. Japan and Korea, Russia and France, Brazil and Mexico. We know everything about sizes and share our knowledge with you.

Time Converter

It will help learn the time in any city. Imagine you have a meeting or you want to call your family or friends at 10 AM Hong Kong time. And you live in Dallas, TX. You do not have to count what time it will be here; our application will do it for you. You can choose several cities, and we will calculate time in every one of them. Additionally, the application could automatically add the city you are in to the list.

Unit Converter

This section is vital for travelers. Pint into litres, pounds into kilos, miles into kilometers, Celsius into Fahrenheit and vice versa. It has everything you need to know about measures abroad.

Packing List

We will help you not to forget anything when packing. You won’t forget where everything is and what it looks like. Our application allows you to make a photo of the things you take with you.