Shopping plays a great role in our lives.

11 July 2016 (17:12:55)

Shopping plays a great role in our lives. We shop every day. Even those who hate shopping have to do it. 

More and more people travel around the world hunting for sales and deals on brands they love. Online shopping grows by leaps and bounds. Virtual and real stores offer clothes, footwear and accessories for every taste and budget.

Although today we are all used to buying, you might need a little trick when shopping in an unfamiliar environment. The trick is in buying the right size. Clothes and shoe sizes differ from country to country. Common European size 36 turns into British 2 or 4. If you wear 7.5 shoes in the United States you need size 38 in Italy. And we have not got to lingerie yet. Additionally, you have to take into account if a piece of clothing is true to size or have an easy fit, etc. How not to get lost in this mad world of sizes?

Fortunately, we know the answer! Our magical Tourist Tools app will help you. In-built size converter will forever sole a problem of finding the right size for you. Japan and Korea, Russia and France, Brazil and Mexico, or any other country. We know everything about sizes and share our knowledge with you.